Working Environment

Auko-Tex Group nurtures an atmosphere where everybody feels homely and connected under only one sky. We communicate both vertically and horizontally each other. We believe in compliant working environment & maintaining it is an expense but a long-term investment. Rules and regulations in terms of UNO prescriptions, ILO, local labor laws, buyers’ requirements and above all, for our own satisfactions are highly maintained.

Every individual is not equal so differences in productivity may be there but any possible gap in such regard is totally covered up by the spirit of a soul-bound team and systems. We like to see smiling faces surrounding us because a sullen face internally de-motivated cannot produce good quality products, even if he is given the best equipment. A visit to our plant tells about us-body languages and facial expressions of workers reveal what and how a body and mind is being fed here.

Right wages at the right time at first week of the month are above all. Everyone is given fair chance to express his opinions which could be beneficial to workers or even to Company in different spectra. ATG is happy to provide facilities like transport for workers, standard sanitary facilities, pure drinking water, health cares, ambulance service, canteen services, day care center, compensation, cultural & sports programs and welfare facilities. Intervals, weekly holidays, annual leaves, festival leaves with bonus for all religions, maternity leaves and protections-all are given. Safety measures at working places are important to us.

Our latest machineries ensure safety measures- fire extinguishers in each floor, conducting fire facing trials in every month and ample and spacious doors for easy passages in case of urgency. Our feedback from training and interaction sessions helps dissolve any confusion among the workers and cements us solid.working-environedit