Sustainability Principles


Auko-Tex Group believes in three pillars of Sustainability- Economic, Social and Environmental. In last 16 years. Auko-Tex Group has taken a big challenge working for long-term benefits investing huge budgets on compliance issues because sustainable philosophy of Auko-Tex Group is long-term and matched with its steps to social and environmental programs in the alignment of United Nations.
We believe that business is just some surpluses of good management to people and environment where new technologies and sophisticated machineries play important role. Auko-Tex Group is always in a ceaseless up-gradation of new technologies to save operational cost to be more and more competitive by improving energy efficiency, introducing latest management concepts, giving training its officials from home and abroad along with its CSR projects.

We do care our people who are the main engines of real sustainability. The spirit of a soul-bound team is immense, especially when everybody understands the importance of works in a well-suited compliant environment. In fact, benefits or profits of a company are nothing but the returns of what employees contribute and a company offers to perform.

The earth has its own music and returns for those who listen to its demand. Environment goes with reaction theory- it returns what we give to it. If the cycle of nature collapses somewhere, the earth cries and we pay for it directly or indirectly.