Managing Director

Born in a humble Muslim family in a village of Faridpur, Engr. Abdus Sobhan graduated in Textile Engineering from the College of Textile Engineering and Technology under the University of Dhaka in 1990 where he stood 1st class 3rd. Driven by values and systems, Mr. Abdus Sobhan delved into depth not just of textile and garments but also of corporate business values. A visionary educationalist by nature, Mr. Sobhan felt the need of more sustainable business practices. To him, business is just some surpluses of good management to people and environment where new technologies and sophisticated machineries will play important role. He opines that a product is the chemistry of advanced equipment with delicate touch of passionate hands- these hands must come from satisfied souls and minds.

With all those above in mind, Engr. Sobhan founded Auko-tex Ltd in 2002, and his unconventional approaches guided him to a success, and just after one year in 2003, he established another Company, Equitex Assurance for ensuring uninterrupted supply of garment related accessories for his own garments and for others. Again, with the blessings of principles and fortunes, he uncovered another Garments and Textile, YasinKnittex Industries Ltd in the same factory area in 2007. He established Sajid Properties Ltd in 2009 to give constructional support to any expansion programs of the Group as one of the main works of it.

Engr. Abdus Sobhan poured out all efforts in designing his companies. As one of the pioneers, he has set up factory buildings by giving them the looks of modern office buildings having all sorts of fire and security measures. About management, Engr. Sobhan knows how to pick up the right person and place in the right seat. Principally, Mr. Sobhan is disinterested at expanding production lines where environment and society are not addressed.

A happily married person with caring wife, two cute daughters and a lovely son, Mr Sobhan enjoys going to the serene environment of his village whenever he can manage time, where he has been establishing schools, colleges, training centers, doing plantations under programs of Sajid Sobhan Welfare Foundation.

Government of Bangladesh gave him recognition as one of the country’s Commercially Important Persons (CIP) in 2013 and 2014 for contribution to export earnings, society and environment. He was honored with various awards like International Quality Control Award on Gold Category in the criteria of Qc 100-2014 in London and received Environmentally Knit Composite Factory Award for 2012 organized by IFC, UK Aid, NORAD and BGMEA.