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In Knitting Section, we knit the foundation of our bondage among buyers, suppliers and us with intangible loops because when we knit accurate fabric, we actually knit our relationship tight. Auko-Tex Group has arranged a collection of circular and rib knit machines backed by advanced software to meet the demand of time, and this collection of machines is being continually upgraded.

Our knitting experts are well versed with ideas about latest knitting issues and are well capable of maneuvering all the activities of the Section. Presently, the Section produces some 24500 kg of knitted fabrics and 12000 pcs of collar rib per day.

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Types of Machine Brand Qty. Origin Capacity/MC Capacity
26” – 42” Circular Shie Dim Taiwan 38 350 kg/day 13300 kgs/day
30” – 36” Circular

Pai -Lung

Taiwan 08 350 kg/day 2800 kg/day
19” – 36” Circular Fukuhama Taiwan 28 300 KG/day 8400 Kg/day
40” width Flat Knit Matsuya Japan 03 600 pcs/day 1800 Pcs/day
68” width Double Head Semi Jacquared Flat Knit Matsuya Japan 12 1000 Pcs/day 12000.00/day
Fabric Reversing M/C Penglong China 2 8000 KG 16000 KG/day