Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Having a modern ETP and operating it 24 hours are a very fundamental requirement. We consider it a moral duty for the Group to have it. It is the lung of principles of production basis businesses where water uses are in need. For ecological balance, the Earth desires to quench her thirst with pure water to provide us with greens lavishly- a green land makes our mind also green.
Auko-Tex Group has a very hybrid chemical effluent treatment plant. Compacted in size and modern in technology, this ETP treats 60,000 liter effluents per hour very effectively all around the day. Our ETP transforms every single drop of wastage water into Eco-friendly before discharging in the environment. The outcome of this process is a very stable material, with close to zero water levels.

We need answers to our posterity and our own conscience. Our commitment is never to damage the earth on which we breathe, our sons and daughters breathe and our posterity will breathe. So we decompose whole heartedly the contaminated water, otherwise history will forgive us.