CSR Projects and Best Practices

Since its inception in 2002, Auko-Tex Group (ATG) has been addressing environmental & social issues with the intuition of setting up a sustainable business for the present and the future. Auko-Tex Group took a big challenge, working for long-term benefits and investing a remarkable amount of money.

Today, Auko-Tex Group is a very positively singled out and appreciated by its business counterparts, locally and internationally, for its caring to society and environment. We are working to create environmental friendly green production facility and working through motivation which is more powerful than imposition.

Auko-Tex Group has adopted some 24 projects on Environment and Society. Project names indicate their objectives and natures. A few of them are: 1. Better Cotton Initiative (BCI): It encourages organic farming and its trade 2. Organic Trade Association (OTA): Its mission is to promote and protect organic trade to the benefit of environment, farmers, public and economy. 3. Water Foot-print Network: It gives guidance for reducing water uses in the factory. 4. Cleaner Production: It helps save energy by insulating the steam pipe lines and insulation of the boiler feed tank. 5. Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT): Main focus is to save energy and emit less carbon. 6. Carbon Neutral Project: This is a self-initiated program of ATG to be well aware of the effects of Greenhouse Gas Emission. 7. Environment Management System (EMS): ATG identified some specific areas like air, water, noise and soil pollution which must be taken care of. 8. United Nations Global Compact (UNGC): One of its four major issues is environment. 9. HER project: It addresses different health and medical related problems of female workers. 10. HIS Project: It addresses problems of male workers. 11. 4R Project: The principle is to reduce water, reusing and recycling of resource. 12. Green Project (New Project): The Group has started working to make the factory LEED certified.

Auko-Tex Group has 35 best practices, a few of them are: A. Yearly health checkup for all employees. B. Additional health insurance for all. C. Distribution of blankets to all workers, staff & natural calamity affected people. D. Gifts on religious festivals for all the employees workers/staffs/officers. E. Scholarship for poor and talented student of the workers. F. Rich food to the Lady pregnant workers. G. Establishment of Educational Institutes. H. Birthday gifts for workers, staff and officials. I. Green plantation through sapling project.


We maintain a mini Hospital with a pharmacy having more than 140 types of medicines including lifesaving drugs. The medicines are given to the patients free of cost on prescription from physician (male & female) of the Medical Center. The Mini Hospital is having 2 Wards for patients- one for male and other for female. Our Medical support is available round the clock with presence of registered doctors, nurses along with pharmacy. Among all, 2 facilities are:

  • Nutritious food for pregnant women daily basis.
  • 24 hours ambulance facility.

Male Doctor

Female Doctor



Operation Theater

Male Ward

Female Ward

Full Time Ambulance


Nursing is the work of heart, we have chosen a number of the nurses and maids along with doctors who go always some extra miles. A suitably decorated Motherly Child Care Center is maintained under the guidance & supervision of experienced male & female physicians. Some of the facilities in the Child Care are:

  • Children under six years are taken care.
  • Toys & rides, sleeping facilities and alphabetic education.
  • Nutritious food and medical care are given to the children and
  • Breast feeding facilities for mothers.

Playing Zone


Health Checkup for Children

Dining Area

Breast Feeding Room

Sleeping Area