Equipped with methodological management systems, a huge investment over the years, a talented team under guidance of visionary top management and sustainable approach, Auko-Tex Group has been challenging the conventional management approach of knit composites industry since 2002 and expanding its multi-facets with a large variation of fabric and products. Auko-Tex Group now bloomed up with four sister concerns is in Gazipur, some 27.5 k.m. away from Dhaka. Underpinned by professional Lab, Design & Fashion, R & D, Product Developed departments, Auko-Tex Group boasts of having a fully integrated vertical production system from knitting to dyeing, fabric finishing, cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, washing, garments finishing and finally shipment in time to meet growing demand from our discerning customers. We are in this ceaseless up-gradation program of new technologies, advanced software and verticality. The theme of collective responsibilities in a team work as practiced in the Group is highly valued- no production fault is considered individually; everybody involved with it directly or indirectly is accountable and supposed to solve it.

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